SOS Emergency Chains for Children With Telephone Number

personalised emergency chain for children with telephone number


An emergency chain for children can help in an emergency: Attentive third parties can contact the child’s family more easily when they find a lost child thanks to the wooden bead charm. That is because the SOS chain includes the parents’ telephone number. This can be important, because sometimes it happens in the hustle and bustle of a shopping street or on holiday and the child has disappeared. The SOS emergency chain can therefore be a practical little helper that the child carries with them in everyday life.

Personalised Emergency Chains for Children

Advantages of an Emergency Chain for Children

An emergency chain for children made of wooden beads has many practical advantages. It can provide additional security. The colourful bead pendant usually has the child’s emergency contact written on it. This is usually the telephone number of mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or another trusted person or a person with parental authority. So if the child is wandering around alone in an emergency, attentive third parties with civil courage can quickly make contact and help.

Important questions and answers about SOS emergency chains

An emergency chain is a personalised bead string with emergency information such as the parents’ phone number – making it easier for first responders to help the child in an emergency, for example by calling the parents. You can use the key fob configurator to design an emergency chain in the form of a key fob.

In addition to the telephone number of the mother, father or another emergency contact, you can attach other important information to an SOS chain. That could be, for example, allergies, intolerances, illnesses as well as the child’s blood group and rhesus factor. Or are there perhaps medicines that the child takes regularly? You can also include them by name.

You should attach your SOS chain to an object that the child takes with them every day. That could be a bag or a backpack, for example. Or the child attaches the emergency chain to the loop of the trouser waistband every morning. A wallet or pencil case is an idea as well.

Thanks to its key ring, the SOS wooden bead chain is securely attached to an item of the child’s clothing. This can be, for example, a school bag, a waistband, a belt or a purse. Our wooden beads as well as the letter cubes are made of robust maple wood. This makes the emergency pendant much more durable than, for example, a small piece of paper with a phone number. Unlike a piece of paper, the SOS chain is also always firmly in one place thanks to the key ring, so it won’t get lost.

What could such an emergency look like in concrete terms? Of course, we wish that all children are safe at all times and that the emergency chain with telephone number for children is not actually necessary in the first place. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes different. Maybe the child gets lost because they saw something exciting on the way and were distracted by it. The child could also have an accident, for example, be hit by a car while walking or when cycling. In this case, first-aiders can call the parents immediately thanks to the SOS chain – instead of first scanning the health insurance card at the hospital or the like. Another plus point: a self-designed emergency chain is usually unique. Also, emergency pendants made of colourful wooden beads are still rarely used. This means that the SOS chain can become an identification feature should the child go missing.

All these good reasons make the SOS emergency chain with telephone number an important everyday companion. It is therefore also a useful gift idea for primary school children. We will give you concrete design ideas in the next paragraph.

Beautiful and Practical Design Ideas for Emergency Chains From Our Online Configurator

Use our online configurator for key fobs to easily design SOS emergency chains for children made of wooden beads. There are various design options. We present you some beautiful ideas:

  • The basis of the design is a key ring with at least one strand of beads. However, you can also design an SOS pendant with a total of two or three strands.
  • With letter cubes, you can add the said emergency telephone number. There is a matching letter cube with a telephone symbol in our configurator.
  • On the other hand, you can add words. For example, how about “In an emergency”? The abbreviation “SOS” is helpful as well. It is an internationally understood emergency signal. Or write “Parents” next to the phone number to indicate that the number belongs to them.
  • Instead of or next to the telephone number, you have the option of placing other information relevant to the emergency. This can be, for example, an allergy, an illness and/or the child’s blood group.
  • With regard to the colours and motifs, you can wonderfully orientate yourself to the taste of the respective child. The emergency chain still serves its purpose as a fashion accessory. However, it is beautifully suitable for everyday use in a childlike design.

You see: There are good reasons to use an emergency chain for children.

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