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Our intelligent assistant builds the dummy chain according to your wishes. You also have the option of designing your chain manually.

e.g. "a chain in red shades with a heart for Lea"

Delivery 3–5 working days
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      Your Personalised Dummy Chain With Name

      The Dummy Holder Configurator: How It Works!

      Step 1/7: Start the configurator

      You can design your dummy chain with name according to your preferences. The last wooden bead before the loop is a safety bead. It hides the knot. The safety bead as well as the first round bead are obligatory in our soother chain configurator. That is why you cannot move or remove either of them.
      The beads’ colours can be changed by clicking the following symbol: 

      Step 2/7: Enter the instructions for the AI assistant

      Above the dummy chain you can see a text field. It allows you to type in your design wishes – for example, the baby’s first name, desired motifs or colours. Our artificial intelligence (AI) will then suggest a soother chain design to match your input. You can of course customise this AI-generated dummy holder manually.

      Alternatively, you can add the individual elements of the dummy chain manually. Just drag for example letter cubes or motif beads onto the chain.

      By clicking the “Restart” button, you can start your desired dummy chain’s design from the beginning at any time.


      Step 3/7: Choose the colours

      Individual wooden beads can be playfully dragged from the overview onto your soother chain with name using the mouse pointer. You can place them anywhere on the chain.
      If you want to change a bead’s colour in the dummy chain, simply click on the small plus above the corresponding bead. Then you will see all the selectable colours. Choose the one you want by clicking on it.


      Step 4/7: Letter cubes need gaps

      In order for the dummy chain with name to fulfil its purpose as a dummy holder, it must be flexible. This is not the case if the individual letter cubes are strung together without a gap. Therefore, always place at least one round bead or a lentil bead between two letters.

      Step 5/7: How to delete items

      You can quickly remove individual elements of the dummy chain by dragging them up or down by using the mouse pointer. The resulting gap is automatically closed.


      Step 6/7: How to rotate items

      By clicking on the icon, you can rotate elements such as motif beads and move them to your desired position.


      Step 7/7: Observe the maximum length

      For safety reasons regarding the child, your dummy chain with name’s maximum length is 22 cm.
      If the online configurator’s designed dummy chain becomes too long, individual elements are displayed semi-transparently. These are automatically removed before the purchase. If you choose a silicone ring as an adapter ring, it will be attached to the cord and integrated into the maximum length.
      Important: Please make full use of the possible length. Otherwise the soother chain will be too short and thus cannot fulfil its purpose as a dummy holder properly.


      Instructions for Your Dummy Holder

      Attention: For the child’s safety!

      • Check the dummy holder before each use. Throw it away immediately at the first sign of damage or defects!
      • Never extend the dummy holder!
      • Never attach the dummy holder to cords, ribbons, straps or loose parts of clothing. Your child can strangle itself with it.

      Additional information for use:

      • Do not leave your child unattended with the dummy holder.
      • The dummy holder must not be used as a toy or teething ring.
      • Always attach the dummy holder to the child’s worn clothing.
      • Do not use the dummy holder while your child is in the cot, playpen or cradle.
      • Benutzen Sie zum Reinigen ein feuchtes Tuch ohne aggressive Putzmittel. Der Schnullerhalter darf nicht bei extremer Feuchtigkeit oder extremen Temperaturen gelagert werden.
      • The dummy holder does not belong in the dishwasher or steriliser.
      • Please store in a dry, dust-free and hygienic place.
      • Do not attach heavy objects to the dummy holder.

      Regular use of your dummy holder may result in colour wear. This is not a reason for complaint and is not a danger for the child.

      This dummy holder has been manufactured in compliance with the European safety standards EN 12586:2007 and EN 71-3 and has undergone rigorous safety testing.