How To Find Personalised Birth Gifts

personalised gifts for birth


A baby’s birth among friends or family is a joyful event. For many of us, such moments therefore just need to be celebrated with a baby party – whether on a small or large scale. And of course we also want to present beautiful gifts for that fantastic occasion. Individualised gifts for births are particularly popular. We now present you beautiful, personalised birth gifts that give the little new child on earth the welcome they deserve.

Why Personalised Birth Gifts Are So Popular

There are many ideas for personal baby gifts. Finding the right gift for a birth is not that easy. After all, it should be something meaningful. The gift should also stand out from other gifts in a positive way. Plus, it has to be baby-friendly – because one-year-olds, for example, have different abilities and preferences, so that gifts for the first birthday, for instance, are usually not yet suitable for new-borns.

A birth gift’s aim is to give joy. We want the gift to bring a smile to the parents’ faces. Of course, it is also great if we, as the givers, are remembered for a long time thanks to the baby gift. That is because a baby gift that is important to the family and especially to the child for a long time, has a particularly high emotional value.

Personalised birth gifts are particularly popular because they stand out from impersonal mass-produced goods. With them, we as gift givers can warmly welcome every unique baby. There are many possibilities for personalisation. Name gifts with the baby’s first name are particularly popular. Or how about a cute nickname? However, many baby gifts can also be personalised with the date of birth as well as the time, weight and height at birth. Loving sayings that fit the family and the offspring are a personal idea as well.

A Personalised Dummy Chain With Name as a Baby Gift for Birth

A personalised dummy chain with a name is a particularly popular birth gift for many good reasons. On the one hand, the personalised dummy chain has all the advantages of a plain soother holder: the clip holds the beloved dummy firmly to the baby’s top. Thus, the dummy does not fall on the floor when it is spat out or thrown away. That way the soother chain plus the attached dummy won’t get lost. Parents are thus spared annoying searches or more new dummy purchases than are necessary. The baby will also subconsciously appreciate the fact that the dummy is always close at hand thanks to the dummy chain. That way, the soother gives the child reassurance and comfort when out and about.

Moreover, personalised small gifts for births such as dummy chains are not only suitable for close family members, friends and godparents. Soother chains are a suitable gift idea for babies of distant friends or acquaintances as well. For large gifts like a nappy cake, you can also give them as a practical, pretty extra.

A Personalised Soother Chain With Name as a Practical Birth Gift

A personalised dummy chain with a name as a gift for birth is an even better idea than an impersonal dummy holder. That is because personalisation, such as integrating the name, makes the soother chain unique. Thus, educators at the day-care centre, other parents at the playground or relatives at the family party are able to assign the dummy chain to the correct child. The emotional value of a bead for bead self-designed soother chain with name is even higher.

If you design the practical baby accessory yourself by using the dummy clip configurator, you can choose the clip’s as well as beads’ colours, shapes and motifs yourself. That way, you can adapt the dummy chain to suit the parents and the child. As an everyday companion, the personalised soother chain will later become a valuable memento of childhood. In addition, a personalised dummy holder can be a pretty, fashionable baby accessory.

However, there are even more beautiful personalisation ideas for dummy chains. Classically, you can design soother chains for girls, dummy chains for boys as well as unisex dummy chains. Instead of the first name, you can also use the name’s first letter or a nickname for the baby. You can use letter cubes with numbers to represent the date of birth as well. Or how about a matching zodiac sign motif bead?

Personalised Cute Dummy Chains With Names

More Meaningful, Personal Gift Ideas for Birth

Of course, birth gifts are first and foremost for the baby. So discover now beautiful baby gifts for birth that can be personalised:

  • For dressing your baby: the aforementioned dummy chain, baby socks, little hats and baby shoes
  • For playing: an individualised baby mobile, a baby rattle, a music box
  • For diapering: a nappy cake or cloth diaper pack, a changing mat and a nappy bag.
  • For care and cleaning: burp cloths, flannels and towels
  • For breastfeeding: Breastfeeding pillows, nursing nightgowns and nursing shawls, personally prepared nursing teas
  • For feeding the baby: Baby bottles and bibs
  • For peaceful sleeping and cuddling: A cuddle blanket, a cuddle cloth and a blanket for crawling, a swaddle wrap, a baby nest bed, a baby bed edging, a heat pillow, a baby sleeping bag and a printed night light
  • For carrying: A baby sling and a baby carrier cover

Beautiful, Personalised Gift Ideas for the Second Child

Which gifts are desired for a birth also changes with the number of children. With the first baby, for example, parents are happy to receive bodysuits, toys and other baby accessories. With the second or third child, the basic equipment for a baby is usually more than complete. The little brothers and sisters can wear the older ones’ clothes. That makes it all the more difficult to find unique gifts for the second or third birth.

Individualised little things for the baby are therefore a wonderful gift for a second child’s birth. That is because personalised baby gifts are exactly adjusted to that unique child. You can also give the parents vouchers, for example for cleaning or for visits to the playground with the big siblings. That way, you can actively support mums and dads in their stressful everyday lives. You could combine both and, for instance, give a dummy chain with a name for the baby plus some vouchers for the parents.

Perhaps you have noticed that a specific product has not proven itself in everyday parenting with the first child – or it is simply no longer usable. For example, the old changing mat may be too worn out or the old nappy bag may be too impractical. Or are there, for example, more modern heating pads available now? As you can see, there are numerous birth gifts for every taste and every budget. We hope you enjoy choosing the right baby gift and, of course, enjoy giving it as a present!

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