Personalised Dummy Chains With Names for Boys

Our practical dummy clip configurator makes it easy for you to discover personalised dummy chains with names for boys. Such a colourful soother chain with a name is not only a pretty eye-catcher, but also makes the stressful everyday life of parents easier: With a wooden clip you attach the boys’ dummy chain to the baby’s top. This allows the child to grasp the dummy. This is important so that the baby can calm down or occupy itself.

On top of that, you save yourself the trouble of looking for the dummy or always having to clean it after it falls on the floor. To sum it up, there are many advantages of a soother chain with a name. All these good reasons make the dummy chain with name for boys a pretty as well as useful baby accessory. This is also the reason why many parents are very happy about a soother holder as a gift for the birth.

Either use the dummy chain configurator to design your soother chain for boys yourself from scratch. Or you can let yourself be inspired by our design suggestions. Browse curiously and full of joyful anticipation through the different categories for personalised dummy chains with names for boys. In the categories, you can select your favourite boys’ dummy chain design with one click. This opens the soother chain online designing tool. The previously selected dummy chain design for boys is automatically loaded. You can now adapt this visual template to suit your own ideas. This way, you will receive the personalised soother chain with name for boys that corresponds to your wishes. Of course, you can also design a unisex dummy chain.

Personalised Cute Boys Dummy Necklaces With Names


Dummy chain “little prince”

dummy chain little prince


Dummy chain “little brother”

dummy chain little brother

Personalised Dummy Holders for Boys From the Soother Clip Configurator

In our dummy chain configurator you will find numerous design options for cute, personalised soother chains for boys with names. Matching motif beads are part of a creative boys’ dummy holder. These can be, for example, classic star motif beads, maritime motifs such as anchors and cute teddy motif beads. Football dummy chains for boys have pretty football motif beads. Saying beads with “little brother” or “little prince” prints are wonderful ideas as well. In addition to English clips and motifs, you can create Turkish dummy chains with names. Another design component is of course the wooden beads’ colours. Shades of green such as lemon or yellow-green, shades of blue such as baby blue or medium blue, and shades of turquoise such as mint or light turquoise are all available.

Interesting questions and answers about dummy chains

A dummy chain with a name for boys offers more than the practical advantages of a plain dummy holder. After all, a deliberately pretty boys’ pacifier chain adds a personal touch to that baby accessory. The first name on the soother chain helps making it easier for third parties to assign it to the right child. This is especially useful wherever there are lots of babies – for example, in the nursery, on the playground or at family celebrations.

A dummy chain is first and foremost a dummy holder. It consists of a clip, a string of beads and either a loop or a silicone ring. You attach your baby’s soother to it. You clip the clip to the top of the baby’s shirt. This prevents the pacifier from falling to the floor or getting lost.

There are both wooden beads and silicone beads for making baby accessories such as dummy chains. It is important that they are suitable for this purpose, i.e. suitable for children. The colours and varnishes of wooden beads must be non-toxic and the corners must be rounded. Silicone beads must be BPA-free.

Do you prefer simple elegance? Then why not design a boy’s dummy chain from untreated wooden beads. Soother chains in a maritime style are just great as well. These colourful dummy chains will enchant you with a little sea feeling. And if you want to use a lot of motif beads, why not create a dummy chain without a name?

Ideas and Tips for Unique Pacifier Chains for Boys

Get creative and use our ideas for your own personalised boys’ dummy chains with names. Thanks to the soother holder configurator, you can design your boys’ dummy chains with fun and creativity. We also offer you the possibility to order boys’ dummy chains with logo or coat of arms for company, club or community. We take care of the professional soother chains’ production for you. You also have the option of having enchanting, individual baby mobiles for boys made. We hope you enjoy designing them!

A boys’ dummy chain with a name is easy to handle: You can clip the dummy clip to the child’s top. Attach the dummy to the soother chain’s loop or the silicone ring. Further care tips and safety instructions for dummy chains also provide you with important information for your everyday life with a dummy chain. And if you have lost your dummy chain, you can stay calm: With the dummy clip configurator, you can simply have us remake the old design for you.

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