Cleaning a Dummy Chain: How To Clean Your Soother Holder Properly

Cleaning a dummy chain: A personalised dummy chain with a name is a loyal companion for many babies. And for good reason – because a soother chain is a cute as well as useful dummy holder. Of course, the hygiene of baby accessories is an important issue. But how do you actually clean a dummy holder properly? We certainly know! So read this article to find out how to keep your pacifier chains clean.

How Do I Clean My Dummy Chain?

The beads and the clip of the dummy clip configurator’s personalised soother holders are made of maple wood. Cleaning those dummy chains is easy: Clean the pacifier holder by hand with a slightly damp cloth. Thus, carefully wipe off residues such as saliva, crumbs or lint. The water should be lukewarm and the cloth soft. After cleaning, dry the dummy holder thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth. You can then let the pacifier chain air dry additionally.

How Can I Clean the Dummy Clip’s Holes?

Do you want to clean the ventilation holes of the dummy clip? Then you can use cotton buds. Lightly moisten a cotton bud and push it through the holes until they are clean. You can then dry the clip holes with a dry cotton bud.

When Should I Clean a Soother Chain?

Clean your newly purchased dummy chain before the very first use. After that, you should clean your pacifier chain regularly to ensure a certain level of hygiene for the baby. We recommend daily cleaning after use. Especially if the chain is visibly dirty, you should clean it. For example, dirt can be saliva, milk, baby mush from eating or sand from playing in the playground.

How Should I Never Clean a Dummy Chain?

To ensure that you and especially the baby enjoy your dummy chain for a long time, you must not do the following:

  • Never allow the dummy chain to soak in water or other liquids.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents or disinfectants to clean the dummy holder.
  • Never boil the soother chain.
  • Never steam sterilise the soother chain in a steriliser, microwave or similar.
  • Never wash the pacifier chain in the dishwasher or washing machine.

Thus, simply clean the dummy chain with a slightly damp cloth as described above.

How Should I Store a Dummy Holder?

Store your dummy chains in a dust-free, dry and clean place. Avoid a very humid storage place and extreme temperatures.

In addition to these cleaning instructions, please also note the other care and safety instructions for soother chains. We hope you enjoy your personalised pacifier chains from the dummy clip configurator!

Personalised Cute Dummy Chains With Names

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