Personalised Mobiles for the Nursery for Girls and Boys

personalised baby mobiles from wooden beadsPersonalised mobiles for children made of wooden beads are wonderful accessories for the nursery. The bead strands swing back and forth in a fascinating way for babies. The half-rings and beads are made of high-quality maple wood, which is robust yet light. Discover different, enchanting mobile design ideas for girls as well as boys.


Baby Mobiles for Girls

personalised baby mobiles for girls


Baby Mobiles for Boys

personalised baby mobiles for boys

Cute, Custom-made Baby Mobiles From the Mobile Configurator

Our mobile configurator for designing personalised children’s mobiles gives you creative freedom: Adjust the colours of the basic elements such as clip, half ring and basic beads to your preferences. Then you can really get started: Have fun designing the mobile’s three hanging bead strands. From classic round beads, playful grooved beads, especially light crochet beads or cute motif beads, each strand grows bead by bead. You can use letter cubes to represent the child’s name.

Interesting questions and answers about mobiles for babies

A mobile can be useful for your baby’s early development. That is because of the gentle swinging, the different colours, the little bells’ soft ringing and the various shapes of the mobile. That can stimulate visual perception and arouse the baby’s curiosity. A mobile above the changing table or the baby’s bed can help to attract the child’s attention and thus promote its concentration. A baby mobile can also soothe and thus help the child to fall asleep more easily.

You can use a baby mobile in the first months of life – as soon as the baby starts to perceive visual stimuli and to explore its surroundings. That is usually from the second or third month. It is best to closely observe your baby’s reactions to the mobile. That way you can make sure that they are benefiting from the mobile’s visual stimulation.

How long you use a baby mobile depends on your baby’s individual stage of development and preferences. As a rule, many parents use mobiles until the age of about 5 to 6 months. That is often the time when the baby starts to actively turn or stand up. At that stage, the mobile may become boring for the baby. However, some babies like the mobile for longer, especially if it has a calming effect on them.

After your digital design, our Berlin team takes over: we make your dream mobile for you by hand with care as well as know-how. So look forward to being able to hang up your very own personal baby mobile very soon.

Good Reasons for Using a Customised Baby Mobile

A personalised baby mobile for girls or boys has wonderful benefits that you should take advantage of: A mobile attracts the baby’s attention with its swinging bead strands. That gentle movement, perhaps accompanied by the tinkling of little bells, can calm the child. That way, a mobile can help the child to fall asleep. If the child stretches out its little arms for the fascinating baby accessory, that additionally promotes motivation. Thanks to the clip, you can hang the mobile flexibly in different places – for example above a cot or a changing table.

Super Cute Mobiles for Girls

Our mobile configurator offers you a variety of design options for personalised girls’ mobiles. Beautiful colour variations for girls are, for example, pink tones such as baby pink, pastel pink or dark pink. Red tones such as Bordeaux red are popular as well. Matching motif beads with girls’ motifs are real eye-catchers. Popular shape motif beads are, for instance, flowers and heart. Sweets like candy and cupcake are also enchanting. Or would you prefer animal motif beads such as unicorns or teddy bears with a bow? Motif beads printed with lettering such as “little princess” or “little sister” are also a fantastic idea for your girls’ mobiles.

Beautiful Boys’ Mobiles

Use the mobile configurator to create great mobiles for boys from wooden beads. For example, blue tones such as baby blue, sky blue or dark blue are considered boys’ colours. Green variants such as lemon, turquoise or yellow-green are popular as well. On the one hand, shaped beads such as star or heart are suitable as motifs for your motif beads. Extraordinary motif beads such as car, football or baby’s foot lend charm to your boys’ mobile as well. Maritime motifs such as anchors and boats are also suitable. But you can use motif beads with a printed saying as well – for example, “little prince” or “little brother“.

Occasions for Giving Personalised Baby Mobiles as Gifts

There are many wonderful occasions to give personalised baby gifts like individualised baby mobiles. Baby events such as baby showers or christenings are classic opportunities for giving baby mobiles. We also like to present the little ones or their parents with beautiful gifts at popular family celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. You can adapt the design of your mobiles to the season and thus create summer and autumn baby mobiles as well. To match your baby mobile, you can create a personalised dummy chain. This way you have a complete baby gift set.

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