Personalised Dummy Chains With Names – Adorable Designs for Girls and Boys

Personalised dummy chain with name
The dummy chain is probably the most important baby accessory for parents. Use its practical wooden clip to attach the soother chain to the child’s top or baby bodysuit. This makes the dummy chain a faithful everyday companion – and the dummy is always quickly at hand when the baby wants to suck. On top of that, you save yourself the constant cleaning of the dummy that has fallen on the floor. And time-consuming searches for the beloved dummy are a thing of the past as well.

Soother chains come in many different shapes, materials and colours. However, personalised dummy chains with names are the most popular. That is because individualised baby gifts suit the child and the parents particularly well. Thanks to our letter cubes you can personalise your individual dummy chain with a name with up to 10 letters, a nickname or loving words. Decorate your soother chain with cute motif beads and high-quality wooden beads in different shapes and colours.

Thanks to our digital dummy chain configurator, you can design your personalised dummy chain with name as a pictorial preview. Design your soother chain from scratch – bead by bead. Or you can use one of our many cute soother chain templates. With just one click, you can load your favourite template into the practical soother chain configurator. You can customise our popular dummy chain designs in the configurator with just a few clicks. Change individual elements with lots of fun and creativity until you see your dream dummy chain with name in front of you. YouTube videos about the dummy clip configurator for personalised soother chains with names clearly explain how to use the online tool.

Personalised Soother Chains With Names and Popular Motifs and Sayings


Dummy chains “little prince”

dummy chains little prince


Dummy chains “little princess”

dummy chains little princess


Dummy chains “little brother”

dummy chains little brother


Dummy chains “little sister”

dummy chains little sister


Dummy chains, football

dummy chains football, soccer

Personalised Dummy Chains With Names as a Meaningful and Cute Gift for Births

Personalised dummy chains with names are meaningful as well as beautiful gifts for birth. That is because the advantages of a personalised dummy chain with name are numerous. A personalised soother chain is a great gift for every baby shower and other occasions. Make expectant or new parents very happy with the personalised dummy chain with name. Surprise your loved ones with this cute birth gift and show that you place a lot of value on a unique baby gift. The dummy clip configurator makes it easy to design your personalised soother chain with name. You can also create dummy chains with your logo or coat of arms for your company, club or municipality. The handling of a dummy chain is simple, which makes it an uncomplicated baby gift. However, please note the important care tips and safety instructions for soother chains. Also important and helpful are our notes on cleaning a dummy chain.

However, our online designing tool gives you even more options for beautiful, personalised birth gifts. For example, you can create cute baby mobiles out of wooden beads. The baby mobile’s three bead strands swing back and forth – attracting baby’s curious glances. Individualised key fobs as wooden bead bag charms for the baby bag are also an enchanting gift idea. The colourful wooden bead charms can be adapted to the bag design and decorate it in a charming way. Just let yourself be inspired!

Cute Personalised Soother Chains With Names for Girls

Discover enchanting personalised dummy chains with names for girls. Personalised soother chains for girls enchant with beautiful colours such as purple, pastel pink or fuchsia. The “little princess” motif bead is printed with a loving nickname. This saying bead symbolises the girl’s princess-like charm. The “little sister” motif bead is also an important symbol. This wooden bead for personalised dummy chains with names for girls symbolises the family’s feeling of togetherness. The girl wearing the personalised soother chain with name thus clearly shows that she is a meaningful part of the family. Parents can introduce their offspring to the lovely world of girls with this beautiful baby accessory. In this way, the personalised girl dummy chain with name is a sign that connects parents and girl.

Pretty Personalised Soother Chains With Names for Boys

Personalised dummy chains for boys with names are also available in different variations. The classic colours are blue and green. Give your personalised soother chain with name a royal touch with the “little prince” motif bead. This nickname shows that the boy who owns the personalised dummy chain for boys is something very special. The “little brother” motif bead has a similar symbolism. A personalised boy dummy chain including it shows how important the boy is as part of the family. Popular boys’ motifs also decorate your personalised boys’ dummy chain.

Great Personalised Football Dummy Chains With Names for Little Football Fans

Personalised soother chains with names with football motifs are a great fan accessory. Design your football dummy chain with the flag of the respective country or in the colours of your favourite club, for example. With the dummy chain configurator you have the possibility to create a unique football baby accessory. This way, the girl or boy comes into contact with the popular ball sport at an early age. The personalised football soother chain is baby’s first step into the exciting world of football with all its teams and clubs.

Important questions and answers about soother chains

To make a dummy chain, you need a dummy clip, a suitable string and child-friendly wooden beads or silicone beads. Optional are special beads such as motif beads, grooved beads or letter cubes. Make sure that the cord as well as the clip and the beads are suitable for making baby accessories. It is easier for you if you design your dummy chains with the dummy clip configurator and have them professionally made.

You attach a dummy chain to the baby’s shirt by using the wooden clip. Never attach the clip to straps, strings or other loose parts on the child’s clothing.

According to the dummy chain standard, a dummy chain may be a maximum of 220 mm long. That is 22 cm. That maximum length is measured including the loop or silicone ring, but excluding the clip. The maximum length is very important because otherwise there is a risk of strangulation for the child. That is why you can only configure dummy chains with this maximum length when using dummy clip configurator. Beads that would make the chain too long are automatically removed from the preview.

Fantastic Dummy Chains With Turkish, French and Arabic Motifs

The online dummy chain configurator for cute, personalised soother chains with names offers you beautiful motif beads and numerous letter cubes. This allows you to wonderfully design dummy chains in various languages. Design French-language dummy chains with names for your “petite princesse” or your “petit prince”. Turkey-themed soother chains with Turkish-language motif beads and clips are a wonderful idea as well. Moreover, Arabic-language soother chains with Islam motifs are a nice gift idea for Muslim parents.

Occasions for Giving Personalised Soother Chains With Names as Gifts

There are many great occasions for giving personalised dummy chains with names. On the one hand, there are classic events for baby gifts such as baby showers and baptisms. But also soother chains for family celebrations like Christmas and Easter are a wonderful gift idea to make the very little guests happy.

Because a customised dummy chain is a fashionable baby accessory, you can also adapt it to the season. So how about a dummy chain with a summer design or an autumnal style? Use your creativity and the many beautiful design possibilities of our online designer to create fantastic dummy chains.

Personalised Key Fobs for Adults as Personal Gift Ideas

Besides personalised baby accessories for the little ones, you can also gift the parents and other adults with custom beaded accessories. Personalised wooden bead key fobs offer you a wide range of possibilities.

This way you can delight (expectant) parents with an individualised key chain for a baby shower, Mother’s Day as well as Father’s Day. Family celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter also invite you to give wooden bead charms to guests. Couples can give each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. And for a new flat or a new house, self-designed charms are likewise ideal as house-warming gifts. Or say thank you with a personalised key fob for the midwife. Personalised gift ideas like these open up wonderful possibilities to thank your loved ones.

Personalised Key Chains and Learning Chains for School Children

School children are certainly happy about personalised key fobs as well. How about a personalised key chain for enrolment for the very first day of school? Personalised learning chains are really useful on top of that. They can be an ABC chain combined with an arithmetic chain or a colourful year chain. Individually, the alphabet chain and the counting chain are also nice gift ideas for primary school children. We hope you have fun designing them!

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