Personalised Bag Charm Made From Wooden Beads

personalised key fobs as bag charms

A personalised key fob as a bag charm: A key fob with pretty bead strands makes a wonderful decoration for small and large bags as well as backpacks. Let our colourful ideas inspire you!

Custom-made, Beautiful Bag Charms

Personalised Bag Charms From the Key Fob Configurator

Our key fob configurator for personalised bag charms is a great online tool that allows you to create your customised charm design bead by bead. In the first step, choose a classic round or uniquely shaped key ring. With lots of fun and creativity, you then can create one, two or three bead strands. Add high-quality wooden beads such as round beads, lentil beads or grooved beads in different colours and sizes. Motif beads additionally decorate your individualised bag charm. If you want the bag charm to ring softly, you can also add bells to your design. A matching string colour rounds off your design.

Interesting questions and answers about bag charms

A bag charm is actually a key fob. That charm consists of a key ring and a decorative element such as a beaded string. However, when designing the bag charm, you can adapt it to the bag it is to hang on.

Basically, you can give free rein to your creativity when designing your bag charm. When using the key fob configurator you can find a nice selection of different keyring shapes, wooden beads as well as crochet beads. We recommend that if you want to attach the tag to the bag zip, do not design it too heavy. Otherwise, the charm could unintentionally pull the zip open if it is positioned unfavourably.

You can attach a bag charm to all kinds of bags, rucksacks, and suitcases. Whether it’s a handbag, a sports bag, a pencil case, a school bag, a purse or a suitcase for travelling long distances. In concrete terms, you can attach the key ring to a narrow handle, a loop or a zip – simply anywhere that the key ring can be slid over it. However, you should be careful if the handle or loop is made of particularly sensitive material such as (artificial) leather. The key ring is made of hard stainless steel and could chafe.


Joyful anticipation is rising: After sending your order, our team takes over: In our Berlin manufactory, we make the personalised bag charm of your dreams by hand. Our professionals craft with care as well as know-how. And in no time your personalised bag charm is already on its way to you by post!

Beautiful Design Ideas for Individualised Dangling Bag Charms

Would you like to create a customised key fob as a charm for a bag or backpack right now, but still need ideas? We’re happy to give you some inspiration:

  • You can decorate different types of bags and backpacks with personalised bag and backpack charms: for example, small handbags, large shopping bags, baskets, satchels, pencil cases, cosmetic bags or nappy bags.
  • Do you want your customised charm for bags or backpacks to be short or long? You can make the charm’s length dependent on the bag’s or backpack’s size, for example. If the bead charm is to dangle around, then it should be correspondingly long. Another question is: Do you want the charm to be easy to grasp, for instance? That can for example be helpful if the key fob is attached to a smaller bag that you pull out of your backpack every day.
  • You can then create the design of your personal bead charm for bag or backpack based on the following questions: Do you want the design to match the colour and/or motifs of the bag or backpack? Do you want to add names or words? Which motifs do you or the person you are giving the gift to like? Then you can use the appropriate motif beads.

Customised Key Fob as a Bag Charm To Give as a Gift

Personalised bag charms made of wooden beads are a nice gift idea. For instance, you can combine an individualised charm with a new bag or rucksack as one big gift. The charm turns the backpack or bag into a unique gift. Or you can make the bag or backpack charm to match your loved one’s favourite bag or school satchel. The recipient will receive a particularly personal, handmade, small work of art and will therefore surely be delighted with your charm.

Another practical gift idea from the key fob configurator is, for example, a classic personalised key fob for a bunch of keys. With a zip charm made of wooden beads, you can embellish gifts with zips – for example jackets. A key fob as a lucky charm is a charming gift for your loved ones as well.

Would you like to teach your children simple learning contents in a playful way? Then discover our suggestions for colourful learning chains made of wooden beads. The pretty chains are also based on a keychain shape, but have completely different purposes. The colourful year chain visually shows the annual cycle with its four seasons. The arithmetic chain with a name made of beads teaches children how to count as well as the basic arithmetic of adding and subtracting. Would you like your child to learn the alphabet? Then why not order a unique ABC chain with a name? It makes a great gift for the first day of school.

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