Personalised Year Chains Made of Wooden Beads for Children To Learn About the Year Cycle

personalised year chains from the online configurator

With personalised year chains made of wooden beads, children can playfully learn about the annual cycle and its four seasons. The customised, colourful learning chains are therefore wonderful first day of school gifts and offer you beautiful design options. Let us inspire you!

Individualised, Beautiful Year Chains

Personalised Year Chains From the Online Configurator

Use our online configurator for key fobs to design your very own personal year chains made of wooden beads. Start by choosing your key ring. Would you like a classic round key ring or one in the shape of a star, a flower or a heart? Afterwards, you will add the beads representing the individual months or individual days. In terms of colour, it is common for spring to be in shades of green, summer in shades of yellow, autumn in shades of red and winter in shades of blue. Use the cursor to drag bead by bead on the string until you have your finished year chain in front of your eyes.

Interesting questions and answers about wooden bead year chains for children

A year chain made of wooden beads is a tool inspired by Montessori education. The colourful chain is used to represent the chronological course of a year. Thus, it is intended to promote an understanding of months, days as well as seasons. Each bead represents a year’s day. Different colours or shapes can symbolise months and seasons. Through the beads, children can therefore learn about the sequence of days, months and seasons in a playful way. That way, they also understand a calendar’s structure and develop a sense of time. A year chain made of wooden beads is therefore a practical Montessori accessory that helps children establish a tangible connection to time and the calendar. When using the key fob configurator, you can design a year chain that has a useful key ring.

On this page you can already find the classic colours of a year chain. An alternative suggestion is this: White for January (snow), pastel pink for February (Valentine’s Day), lemon/light green for March (spring), pastel yellow for April (Easter), baby blue for May (spring), yellow for June (summer), red for July (summer), orange for August (summer), natural for September (autumn), black for October (Halloween), brown for November (autumn) and gold for December (Christmas). You can try out different colour combinations by using the key fob configurator! You can also design the year chain together with your child on the laptop. That’s a great idea for a creative family afternoon or evening.

You can use a year chain for children in many ways: for example, by counting the beads regularly, identifying months and seasons or marking special events such as holidays and birthdays. So be creative! This is a fun way for your child to improve their fine motor skills and their understanding of the annual cycle.

Our team will then make your custom-made year chain for you. Especially annual chains with at least 365 wooden beads are time-consuming to make. So you save a lot of time regarding that wooden bead accessory. After designing your colourful year chain, you can look forward to your wonderful learning accessory’s arrival.

Personal Design Ideas for Individualised Year Chains

There are different, personal design possibilities for year chains made of wooden beads. Usually spring is green, summer yellow, autumn red and winter blue. We suggest the following bead colours for creating a particularly beautiful colour gradient:

  • January: dark blue (31 beads)
  • February: skyblue 29 beads for a leap year, otherwise 28 pieces
  • March: light turquoise (31 beads)
  • April: green (30 beads)
  • May: lemon (31 beads)
  • June: pastel yellow (30 beads)
  • July: yellow (31 beads)
  • August: orange (31 beads)
  • September: red (30 beads)
  • October: fuchsia (31 beads)
  • November: bordeaux (30 beads)
  • December: blue purple (31 beads)

You can either have your customised year chain made classically as a single piece – or you can divide the beads for the months into two or three bead strands. However, given the amount of wooden beads, small 8 mm beads are particularly suitable. If you use three bead strands of 8 mm beads, each bead strand is a little over a metre long. But of course there are other possibilities: Instead of round beads, you can also use playful grooved beads or narrow lenticular beads. With pretty motif beads you can, for example, separate the individual months from each other or mark special days: for instance, the birthdays of siblings and parents.

Custom-made Year Chains as a Gift Idea for School Enrolment

A personalised year chain is a practical as well as attractive learning accessory made of wooden beads. Children playfully learn about the annual cycle including seasons, weeks and individual days. To understand the individual days, and thus for example the lengths of a months, the child can count off bead by bead. In addition, the colourful bead chain is a pretty decoration for the children’s room wall or the living room table. When you put the chain down, you can also place a circle of the year painted on paper underneath it, for example. All those good reasons make a custom-made year chain a great gift for children: for example, for starting school or to get in the mood for the turn of the year, the new kindergarten year or the new school year.

Other lovely first day of school gifts are, for example, a combination of ABC and arithmetic chains or individual alphabet chains and counting chains. That is because learning chains like these are suitable for children, great to look at and really useful in everyday life. Or would you like a gift for young and old? Then discover various great, personalised key fob ideas made of wooden beads. An individualised key fob with a name is one of the classics among small gift ideas. But a personalised bag charm made of beads is a nice idea as well, as it can flexibly decorate a child’s backpack, handbag or suitcase.

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