Personalised Key Fob With Name Made From Wooden Beads

personalised key fob from the online configurator

A custom-made key fob adds a personal touch to the key ring and thus to our everyday life. In this article, we introduce you to our online key fob configurator for customised key fobs. On top of that, you can look forward to charming key fob design ideas and beautiful gift ideas.

Customised Beautiful Key Fobs

Personalised Key Fobs From the Key Fob Configurator

Our key fob configurator for customised key fobs is a practical online tool. Create your new favourite key fob by using drag-and-drop and just a few clicks. You can choose one or three bead strands. For two strands or more, we recommend inserting a motif bead before the separate strands start. Let your creativity run wild: choose the shape of the valuable key ring, high-quality round beads as well as cute motif beads. With letter cube beads you can represent words like first names. Our wide range of wooden bead colours and motifs allows you to create beautiful and unique key fobs. Take your time and create your dream key charm bead by bead. Our professionals will then make it for you with care as well as expertise.

Interesting questions and answers about key fobs

If it is difficult for you to open a new key ring to attach a key, you can do the following: Take another key and use it to lift up one of the key ring ends a little. Now slide the actual key onto the key ring.

Besides its classic function as a key fob, you can also use it in other ways. You can attach a key fob to zips, for example. That way it can be used as a bag charm or a zipper charm. A beautifully designed key chain can also be a lucky charm for your loved ones.

A key ring should be made of stainless steel. Otherwise, you can freely choose the materials of a key fob. Regarding the key fob configurator, we usually use wooden beads for your handmade charms. However, there are also soft crochet beads made of a cotton wool core and a crocheted cover. Plus, you can choose plastic letter cubes for names or other words. This is a good idea because plastic letter cubes are more robust than those made of wood.

Personal Design Ideas for Individualised Key Fobs

There are various options for designing a personal key fob made of wooden beads. That’s where it helps to get a good portion of inspiration:

  • Use the personalised key fob to show the respective key’s purpose: On the one hand, you can use letter cubes to literally show which lock the key fob’s key belongs to – for example with words like “garden house” or “car”. On the other hand, you can choose motif beads that match the purpose, such as a flower- or car-shaped bead.
  • You can also design your personal key fob to match the person giving the gift. Name gifts are very popular. So why not equip your personalised key fob with the first name of the person who is to receive it? Using motif beads symbolising your loved one’s hobbies and tastes are a nice idea as well. A football motif bead goes wonderfully with football fans and a zodiac sign bead with astrology lovers.
  • Special occasions such as weddings, school enrolments, Christmas or the next football tournament also invite you to create a visually appropriate customised key fob. A personalised ABC chain with arithmetic chain and name, for example, is a good idea as a school enrolment gift.
  • Or how about designing your personalised key fob to match popular fashion and design trends? Whether maritime, boho or vintage style – thanks to our large variety of beads and colours, you can get really creative. That way, the finished key fob matches your outfit or home furnishings.

Customised Key Charms as a Gift Idea

A customised key fob is a wonderful gift idea for your loved ones. That is because such a handmade, high-quality key fob made of wooden beads is a small, inexpensive, but personal gift. The customised key fob can either be a special extra to a bigger gift or be part of a gift set – or the key fob is the sole star of the moment. For instance, a unique key fob can be a lovely gift for giving to hosts, for example for occasions like a birth, a housewarming party, as a farewell gift or as a souvenir that symbolises: “I’m thinking of you”.

Other gift ideas for personalised key fobs are the following: As a personal good luck charm, a key fob gives the recipient good wished along the way. A personalised bag charm is also a great gift option – individually or decorating a new bag. A customised zip charm, on the other hand, can be used to repair your loved one’s zip or to enhance a gift that has a zip.

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