Personalised Zip Charms Made From Wooden Beads

personalised zip charms


A personalised key fob as a zip charm is a nice idea: either to repair the zip with a broken handle or to decorate an intact zip. The charm is easy to grip and thus makes opening the zip easier. The key fob configurator allows you to design your very own personal zip charm online.

Customised, Beautiful Zip Charms

Personalised Zip Charms From the Key Fob Configurator

You can design your customised key fob as a zip charm according to your wishes by using the key fob configurator. In the first step, you can choose the key ring. Do you want a classic round shape or a uniquely shaped ring in the shape of a heart, a flower or a star? Then you can design up to three bead strands. However, for a zipper charm we recommend a single bead strand that is as short as possible. If the zip charm is too long and therefore too heavy, it cannot fulfil its purpose properly. This is because the excessive weight would permanently open the zip. So create a single, pretty strand of beads. Our wooden beads are made of maple wood, which is robust and comparatively light. Our crochet beads with cotton wool core have a low dead weight as well.

Interesting questions and answers about zipper charms

A zip charm is a small decorative and functional item that you attach to a zip. These charms can be made of different materials and can have different shapes and designs. When using the key fob configurator you can choose from different key rings, wooden beads, plastic letter cubes and crochet beads to design.

A zipper charm makes it easier to open and close the zip. This is especially the case if the actual handle part is small or difficult to grip. The zip charm can also replace the handle part – for example, if it is broken. You can design the zipper charm to match the item you want it to hang on.

You attach your zip charm either to the handle part or to your zip’s slider. You can attach a zip tag to anything that has a zip: for example, all kinds of bags, suitcases, jackets and shoes.

After you have completed your order and sent us your personalised zipper charm design, we get started: our professionals turn your virtual template into reality. With care, we make your customised zip charm by hand for you. Just look forward to the fantastic moment when you finally attach the zip charm to the zip. To do that, push the key ring either through the slide or through the handle’s hole.

Pretty Design Ideas for Custom-made Zip Charms

Now you would really like to design a unique zip charm, but you are still lacking ideas? Then let us inspire you:

  • You can attach customised zip charms to jackets, hoodie jackets, bags, backpacks, shoes and other accessories that have a zip. Make sure that the garment or accessory has enough space around the zip so that the zip charm does not interfere while wearing.
  • You can adapt your personal zip charm to the garment or accessory for which it is intended. For example, you can pick up the colours or the respective pattern when designing your zip charm.
  • You can either use only subdued colours and round beads. Or you can make your charm more playful by using various motif beads and bright colours. Especially many children of school age have great fun with colourful charms including popular children’s motifs.

Customised Zip Charms for Gifts With Zippers

Customised zipper charms are a nice, small as well as personal gift idea. You can use them to decorate a gift such as a jacket or bag bought new as a present. A zip charm adds a personal touch and makes a personalised gift out of your actual gift idea. Or you can design the zip charm especially for a beloved item of clothing or accessory of the person you are giving the gift to. Your loved ones will surely be amazed, because a zip charm is an original accessory that not many people know about yet.

However, there are even more personalised key fob gift ideas: A classic customised key fob holds numerous single keys together. A unique bag charm is a fashionable accessory for handbag or backpack. A pretty lucky charm is an enchanting everyday companion as well.

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