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The versatile possibilities of using a personalised key fob: At first, we think that a key fob is just an ordinary, unspectacular everyday object. For example, we often think of a charm on a key ring as just a key charm. But let’s think outside the box: there are numerous, creative ways to personalise a key fob!


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A Personalised Key Fob as Your Key Ring’s Highlight

key fob

Let’s start with the classic key fob: A key ring with a charm is either used to bundle different keys or to make individual keys distinguishable from each other. There are various possibilities for personalising a key fob:

  • Key rings can be round or can have unique shapes such as a heart, star or flower.
  • Letter cubes can be used to represent first names, room names like “living room” or place names like “car” and “garden”.
  • Motif beads can simply be decorative, but can also figuratively show which lock the respective key fits: For example, a flower motif bead matches the garden gate or a boat motif bead matches the motorboat.
  • Your wooden beads’ chosen colours and shapes also make your personalised key fob unique. Whether warm or cool colours, delicate pastel colours or bold signal colours, round beads, grooved beads, lentil beads or motif beads – you decide, thus making your key charm something very special.

As you can see: a personalised key fob like that is popular for good reasons, because it is a practical everyday accessory. A unique key charm makes your key ring unique.

Interesting questions and answers about key fobs

Loop a cord around a key ring and string your desired beads onto both cord ends. At the bead chain’s end, you can string a safety bead with the opening facing out. This way you can hide the knot you are now making with the two cord ends. It is even easier if you design a key chain with our key fob configurator. We will make your key fob for you by hand using our know-how. We can make key chains with one, two or three strands of beads for you.

A key fob has several advantages: For one thing, it makes it easier for you to grip your key and find it in a bag. Secondly, the key ring keeps several keys together so that you have a bunch of keys. A key chain can also have a particularly pretty design. This way you can sweeten up your everyday life a little. You can also design the fob to match the key and lock so that you can tell the keys apart more easily.

A key fob has a key ring. A key ring is a stainless-steel band that is bent into a circular shape and overlaps. Hold one of the ends of the band up a little. This allows you to slide the key between the ring and the end. Now pull the key with its opening onto the key ring.

A Personalised Key Fob as a Dangling Bag Charm

bag charm

A customised key fob as a bag charm: Does a key fob always have to be attached to a key? No! There are various other useful possibilities where a supposed “key charm” is just the right choice. For example, as a bag charm, i.e. a dangling bag decoration.

A custom-made key fob makes a wonderful bag charm on a wide variety of bags and backpacks:

  • Handbags such as weekender bag, clutch or tote bag
  • Backpacks such as everyday backpacks, travel backpacks or school satchels
  • Small bags for organising like pencil cases or toiletry bags
  • Other functional bags such as a diaper bag, mobile phone bag or fanny pack

In addition to its decorative function, a personalised dangling bag charm can also serve other useful purposes: for example, as a good luck charm on the school bag, as a name tag on the handbag to be given as a gift or to make it easier to grab a purse. Just give it a try!

A Key Fob as a Zip Charm for Jackets and Sweaters

zip charm

Small assistant with big effect: you can use a personalised key fob just as well as a zip charm for jackets and hoodies. We all know the following problem: the zip’s handle zip on a jacket or bag is broken. Often the zip can be saved by replacing the handle with a key ring. Simply slide the key ring onto the remaining zip’s slider. Voilà! Now you can pull on the key ring to easily open and close the zip again. Key rings are usually very sturdy and will therefore serve you well for a long time.

Either you leave it with the simple key ring or you attach a customised key charm directly to the slider. A few wooden beads and particularly light beads such as crochet beads turn your repaired replacement zipper into a fashionable accessory. Especially children of school age are happy about colourful little things like that every day.

A Personalised Key Fob as Lucky Charm

lucky charm

A unique key fob can have a special emotional value. As a small lucky charm, it can make students feel better before the next maths exam. It can make us smile in everyday life and give loved ones a positive feeling in form of a small gift.

You can get super creative when designing key fobs as lucky charms. Use motif beads in supposedly lucky-bringing shapes such as guardian angel beads or cloverleaf motif beads. In some countries, such as Germany, the toadstool is considered a symbol of good luck. Thanks to letter cubes, you can also add first names or encouraging wishes such as “luck” or “strength” to your lucky charms.

More than a key ring combined with wooden beads: A key fob can therefore do much more than just be a key fob – even though it has a so-called “key ring”. There are many, wonderfully practical and beautiful ways to use it and to skilfully showcase that stylish everyday companion. All those good reasons make the personalised key fob a useful as well as beautiful gift for all your loved ones.

Personal Learning Chains Such as Year Chain, ABC Chain and Arithmetic Chain

Personalised learning chains like year chains & arithmetic chains for children

But that’s not all. A keychain can do even more! The colourful wooden bead chains can be designed in a certain way to become practical learning chains for children. A popular classic among the wooden bead chains for learning is the arithmetic chain with a name. With it, your children can learn first arithmetic skills such as counting, addition and subtraction. The matching ABC chain made of wooden beads teaches kids the alphabet in a playful way. And if you want to visually represent the annual cycle with its seasons, then why not create a colourful year chain made of wooden beads?

Occasions for Giving Personalised Key Fobs as a Gift

Personalised wooden bead key fobs are a wonderful gift idea for many lovely occasions. For example, you can give the pretty wooden bead charms as gifts for popular family celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Parents are sure to enjoy such personal gift ideas on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Couples can give each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. Other great options are house-warming gifts, school enrolment gifts and baby shower favours. Or say “thank you” to your midwife with a personalised key chain. So why not use your self-designed key fobs to thank your loved ones for the wonderful time you spent together.

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