Personalised Lucky Charm Made of Wooden Beads With Key Ring

personalised key fob as lucky charm

A personalised key fob as a lucky charm: A personalised key fob can have a special, emotional value for us. As a small lucky charm, our custom-made key fob accompanies us in everyday life. Use the online key fob configurator to design your very own lucky charm.

Custom-made Cute Lucky Charms

Personalised Lucky Charms From the Key Fob Configurator

Use the key fob configurator to design high-quality, customised key fobs as lucky charms. The key ring can have not only the classic round shape, but also extraordinary shapes: namely heart, flower and star. You can create one, two or three bead strands. Drag-and-drop bead by bead onto the string. Change the colours of the wooden beads and the string as you wish. Decorate the charm with beautiful motif beads if desired. After you have designed the lucky charm of your dreams, our professionals will make it for you – by hand with care as well as know-how.

Interesting questions and answers about lucky charms

Lucky charms exist in different cultures all over the world. For example, they are supposed to bring luck, attract positive energies, enable prosperity or offer protection. Depending on the culture, lucky charms include, for instance, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, ladybirds, elephant figures, Buddha statues, gemstones, talismans, lucky coins, eye amulets and many more. These items are used either as personal companions or decoration. You can easily take the key fob configurator’s lucky charms with you in everyday life thanks to the key ring.

Various symbols stand for luck, including for example the four-leaf clover, the ladybird, the rainbow, stars, elephants with raised trunks, pigs, butterflies and sunflowers. In the key fob configurator you can find these lucky symbols, for example: star, flower, elephant, butterfly, anchor and eye of nazar.

You can give a lucky charm on many occasions. By giving it you show the person that you’re giving it to that you wish them well. Whether for a birthday, New Year, before exams, for a wedding, for a move, for a good recovery, as a symbol for a friendship or simply as a sign of support – lucky charms are versatile gifts that symbolise joy, happiness and good energy.

Enchanting Design Ideas for Individualised Key Fobs as Lucky Charms

There are many beautiful ways to design a custom-made key fob as a lucky charm. The key fob configurator gives your creativity a lot of freedom:

  • Your key fob’s design as a good luck charm can be appropriate for the occasion for which it is created: for example, for a final exam, a turn of the year, a wedding, a birth, a house move or a birthday.
  • You can equip your personalised lucky charm made of wooden beads with matching motif beads. Motifs such as your favourite animal or lucky symbols like a four-leaf clover, in countries like Germany a fly agaric or in some cultures an eye of Nazar are considered to bring luck.
  • Use letter cubes to represent either first names or encouraging words such as “strength”, “luck” or “health” for your unique lucky charm key fob.
  • Colours also symbolise beautiful values such as happiness, joy or prosperity. You can use those colours to design your personal lucky charm accordingly.

Custom-made Lucky Charms as a Gift Idea

An individualised lucky charm is a wonderful little gift idea. The recipient can either use the lucky charm individually – or, thanks to the key ring, attach it to bags, backpacks or a key ring, for example. With the handmade lucky charm made of wooden beads, you show that you wish the person receiving the gift something that we can all make good use of: Luck! When we carry the small lucky charm with us in everyday life, it gives us a positive feeling. That is because we consciously remember that we have received it as a gift from a loved one with good thoughts.

But there are even more nice gift ideas for a custom-made key fob: Firstly, a classic, personalised key fob is of course a useful gift. Furthermore, you can decorate backpacks and bags with pretty bag charms. Finally, zip charms for gifts with zips are a great gift idea as well.

For children, there are also other great gift ideas based on a key fob shape: custom-made learning chains made of wooden beads! The colourful chains teach children various learning basics in a playful way. For example, children can use a arithmetic chain with a name to learn about counting, addition and subtraction. On the other hand, an ABC chain with a name shows the child the alphabet’s correct order. The particularly colourful year chain made of wooden beads looks great with its colour gradient – and visually shows the child the year’s seasons, months and days.

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