Personalised Arithmetic Chains With Names Made of Wooden Beads for Learning First Arithmetic Skills

personalised arithmetic chains from the online configurator


Personalised arithmetic chains with names are not only pretty, but useful as well. With the colourful, individualised learning chain, children can playfully learn about the number range up to 20. So design your very own custom-made counting chain by using the online key fob configurator.

Individualised, Beautiful Counting Chains

Custom-made Arithmetic Chains From the Online Configurator

Use our configurator to design your very own personal arithmetic chain with lots of joyful anticipation and creativity. Our large assortment of high-quality wooden beads invites you to design with ease. First choose a key ring. Would you like a classic round key ring or a key ring in the shape of a heart, a star or a flower? Then you can create the bead strands. You can drag and drop the individual beads onto the string.

Interesting questions and answers about arithmetic chains

An arithmetic chain is useful because it promotes children’s mathematical imagination. By using the colourful bead chain, they learn counting, addition and subtraction. In addition, the chain trains children’s fine motor skills and basic understanding of numbers.

You can usually use an arithmetic chain for children of pre-school age as well as early primary school age. These are children between the ages of about 3 and 7. At this stage of life, children learn basic mathematical concepts: for example, counting, an understanding of quantities, and simple addition and subtraction. An arithmetic chain can therefore provide a playful way to develop and encourage these mathematical skills.

To ensure that the child has a lot of fun with the chain, you can use their favourite colours for the design. You can also select motif beads that the child likes – for example, an elephant bead if elephants are the child’s favourite animal. It is important that you use at least two colours for the counting strand. That is because that way you can divide the number range of 20 beads into 4 x 5 beads by colour – making it easier for the children to visually understand the number range.

You can decorate the strand presenting the child’s first name with a cute motif bead. The string with the wooden beads for counting consists of 4 x 5 beads of the same colour. After receiving your order, our experienced team will make your individualised counting chain for you by hand. In the process, we leave a piece of the string free on the bead strand for counting. That allows the child to push the beads back and forth.

Beautiful Design Ideas for Individualised Counting Chains

Thanks to our large assortment of craft materials, you have many possibilities to design the personalised arithmetic chain of your dreams. Firstly, you can customise the beads’ colours as well as the string’s colour with just two clicks. For example, choose from bold shades like red and orange or delicate pastel colours like light pink, baby blue and lemon. If you use the child’s favourite colours, they will certainly have a positive feeling about the counting chain from the very first moment.

The beads’ shape offers you beautiful possibilities as well. For instance, there are many cute motif beads in the configurator. It’s great if you choose motif beads that suit the child: Is the child perhaps fond of dinosaurs? Do they love sweets like cupcakes? Or does the child like cars? The choice is yours! The strand with the wooden beads for counting practice can either be equipped with classic round beads or, for example, with playful grooved beads. The grooves make the beads particularly easy to grasp.

Individualised Arithmetic Chains as a Gift Idea for Starting School

A customised arithmetic chain with name is a fashionable accessory and a practical learning chain at the same time. Children can use the arithmetic chain to learn and practise counting, addition and subtraction. The key ring makes the colourful counting chain flexible to attach – for example to a pencil case, school bag or accompanying a bunch of keys. Thus, the wooden bead chain is always with them as an everyday companion. Therefore, the child can occupy themselves meaningfully – for example, during the short breaks between school hours or while waiting for the bus. All those advantages make an arithmetic chain a wonderful first-school present.

More lovely gifts for primary school pupils are, for example, the following learning chains: With a personalised year chain, the children can learn about the yearly cycle. A combination of an individualised ABC chain with an arithmetic chain combines two learning contents in one wooden bead accessory. But of course you can also give a cute personalised ABC chain with a name as a gift individually.

Or would you prefer a gift in the form of a key fob that will appeal to both children and adults? Then why not give a classic, personalised key fob as a gift? A particularly extraordinary gift idea is a pretty, personalised bag charm. The wooden bead charm can decorate a diaper bag, a school bag or a handbag, for example.

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