Option 1: Create a Dummy Clip Using the Design Assistant

Get a personalised dummy chain with a name quickly and easily: Just enter the baby's first name and your desired colours and motifs in the text field – and voilà: Our design wizard will suggest a suitable soother holder design. Of course, you can also customise the template manually. Have fun!

Our intelligent assistant builds the dummy chain according to your wishes.

e.g. "a chain in red shades with a heart for Lea"

Option 2: Select & Customise a Dummy Clip Design Template

Our inspiration for your personalised soother holder: Discover our large gallery of cute design suggestions. The configurator loads your favourite design with just one click. You can modify the selected template according to your wishes.
Select a gallery template

Option 3: Use the Dummy Clip Configurator

Create your own personalised dummy chain with a name: Open the dummy clip configurator and design your own dummy holder from scratch. Drag bead after bead onto the string, change the colours and try out different designs. This way, you can playfully create your very own soother chain.
Configure it yourself

Practical Dummy Chain Configurator for Easy Ordering of a Unique Dummy Chain With Name

What Is the Configurator for Dummy Chains With AI Assistant and How Does the Tool Work?

Get click for click with lots of fun to your dream dummy chain with name: Use our tool to create your own soother chain with name. Our online configurator for dummy chains is very easy to use. Enter your design requirements in the text field above – for example: "A pink dummy chain with hearts for Lea". Our AI assistant will then use artificial intelligence (AI) to design a dummy holder suggestion for you. You can customise this AI-generated soother chain according to your own ideas. Or you can design your own dummy chain manually: Add your favourite craft material to the graphically displayed soother chain, bead by bead – with just one click at a time: from wooden clip, to wooden beads and cute motif beads, to letter cubes.

The dummy chain configurator’s handling is great fun. You can give free rein to your creativity when playfully creating your soother chain idea. Change motifs, colours and the components’ order as often as you like until you see your dream dummy chain on the screen.

Personalised Soother Chains With Names From the Dummy Chain Configurator

Digital revolution for classic baby accessory: Our AI assistant creates a unique dummy chain design according to your specifications. For example, enter the baby's first name, a desired motif and a colour – and the artificial intelligence will create a suggestion for you.

You are looking for even more inspiration? Then browse through our gallery. There you will find soother chains that other customers have created and bought. Click on your favourite and it will be in the dummy chain configurator. Just change the letter cubes for the child's name.

You’re probably very excited and looking forward to your very own soother chain when admiring your colourful design. The useful dummy clip, the super cute motif beads, the pretty wooden beads plus the baby's unique name create a magical work of art.

Then it's time to order quickly! As soon as we receive your desired dummy chain design’s order, our Berlin soother chain manufactory will produce your personalised dummy chain. So you get a high-quality, handmade soother chain entirely according to your ideas.

The high-quality dummy chain craft materials we use are of course suitable for making baby accessories. The wooden clips and wooden beads are made of robust maple wood and come from German production. All paints and varnishes used are free of harmful substances, non-toxic and saliva-proof. We are also real soother chain professionals and know all the steps on how to make a quality dummy chain with a name.

As you can see: Our digital configurator for dummy chains with names is a practical, sophisticated online tool. We hope you enjoy implementing your soother chain ideas and look forward to your creative dummy chain designs!

Many kind regards from Berlin
Your team from dummy-clip.co.uk

5 advantages of the dummy clip configurator for designing your own soother chain

  • Playfully create your personalised dummy chain

    Realise your dummy chain design ideas online – manually or with design support from artificial intelligence..

  • Be on the safe side

    You know exactly what your soother chain with name will look like thanks to the online preview before you buy.

  • Handmade in Germany

    As professionals, we handcraft your personalised dummy chain for you.

  • Discover our colourful, qualitative material variety

    Discover our numerous children's motifs and colours for designing cute dummy chains for girls and boys.

  • Save time and money

    You save valuable time because you don't have to learn how to make a dummy chain. You don't buy unnecessary craft materials to try around with.

Why should I buy a personalised dummy chain with a name?

personalised dummy chain with a nameThe dummy chain configurator allows you to design your very own personal dummy holder in no time at all. But what makes the soother chain such an important baby accessory in the first place?

The dummy chain is an essential part of every baby's basic equipment. The pretty bead chain fulfils a specific function: with the clip's help, the dummy chain holds the dummy on the romper suit's upper part. This way, the dummy is within easy reach of your little angel. The child learns in everyday life that it can find the soother at the colourful baby accessory's end and can easily grab it. The dummy chain also prevents nerve-racking problems for parents: you have to clean the dummy less because it doesn't fall on the dirty floor. You save yourself the search for the beloved dummy if it gets lost. There is also no need to buy a new one after an unsuccessful search.

The dummy clip is therefore extremely useful. More over, the wooden clip is securely clipped on and you can remove it again without leaving a trace. At the other end of your dummy chain is a loop for your dummy with retaining ring. You want to know how to attach the dummy to the dummy chain? Pass the soother chain's loop through the dummy's ring – from bottom to top. Then pass the loop over the dummy's teat at the front. Now just tighten the string and voilà: Your dummy is hanging from your handmade dummy chain!

A Personalised Dummy Chain With Name as an Adorable Birth and Baby Gift Idea

Even more practical than a plain dummy chain is a dummy chain with a name. The child's first name makes the dummy chain a great gift for parents-to-be or new parents. The name means that teachers at the nursery, family and friends won't mix up the soother chain. Everyone knows which baby the beautiful bead accessory belongs to.

The dummy chain with name is therefore a wonderful birth gift. It is a personalised baby accessory that looks pretty and has a practical function as well. The dummy holder makes many parents' stressful everyday life easier.
All these wonderful, good reasons make the dummy chain with name an awesome baby gift. With this birth gift, you will be a welcome guest at every baby shower. Put a smile on the face of the expectant or soon-to-be mother and father.

The soother chain with name will henceforth become a beloved companion in the child's everyday life. After all these exciting adventures in which the dummy reliably eased the baby, it's time to say goodbye. Preserve all those precious childhood memories and stick your personalised pacifier chain in your baby book. A place of honour in a stylish memory box is also a good idea. Some parents also make their soother chains into key chains. You have a few options for storing the much appreciated tool.

Therefore, create impressive dummy chains for girls and boys with the online dummy chain designer. You can also order football-themed dummy chains or genderless dummy chains thanks to our varied craft materials. Order now and receive your personalised soother chain with name soon!

Cute, Unique Baby Mobiles for Girls and Boys

Unique Baby MobilesDiscover also our online configurator for baby mobiles. With just a few clicks, you can design your personalised mobiles for girls and boys. The base of this beautiful baby accessory is a half ring made of maple wood. It is attached to a short bead chain including a wooden clip.

Below the half ring you can now design the crucial mobile elements: the three hanging bead strands! Equip the strings bead by bead with cute motif beads, playful grooved beads and pretty round beads. If you like, add the child's first name or nickname with letter cubes. Colourful bells at the strands’ ends are a nice idea as well. We wish you lots of fun while designing!

Why Should I Buy a Personalised Baby Mobile?

A handmade baby mobile is a cute as well as practical accessory. The swinging bead strands attract the little ones’ curious eyes. The mobile’s gentle movement can have a calming effect on babies and thus help them to fall asleep. When the children stretch out their little arms towards the colourful bead artwork, this can also promote the child's motor skills in addition to its attention.

Thanks to the clip, your personalised mobile made of wooden beads can be attached flexibly in different places. For example, you can hang the enchanting baby accessory above the cot, using it to help the baby fall asleep. Above the changing table, the mobile can distract your darling while you change the nappy. A baby mobile is therefore more than just a decorative accessory for the nursery and has real added value for parents and child. This makes mobiles beautiful gifts for births.

Colourful Learning Chains Made of Wooden Beads Such as Arithmetic Chain, ABC Chain and Year Chain

Learning Chains Made of Wooden BeadsUse our digital keychain configurator to create great wooden bead chains for playful learning. The arithmetic chain with a name, for example, usually consists of two bead strands: the name strand with the child's first name and the counting strand with 4 x 5 beads in at least two different colours.

The ABC chain, in turn, usually also has a name strand as well as a second strand showing the complete alphabet from "A" to "Z". The year chain consists of 365 or 366 beads and represents the yearly cycle in a pretty colour gradient – with its four seasons, the months and the days.

Why Should I Buy Learning Chains Like the Year Chain, Arithmetic Chain and Alphabet Chain?

Children can use the arithmetic chain to get used to the number range up to 20. They can practise counting and learn the basic arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction. The ABC chain shows the alphabet. However, thanks to our large assortment, you can also use letters and signs from other languages if you like. By looking at the letter cubes, the children can memorise the individual letters as well as their order.

The year chain, on the other hand, colourfully represents spring, summer, autumn and winter. This gives the children a feeling for the cycle of the year. Particularly practical: All learning chains in the keychain configurator have a key ring. This allows you to attach the chains flexibly – for example to a school bag or a pencil case. All these good reasons make learning chains great gifts for starting school.

Versatile Keychain as Bag Charm, Zip Charm and Lucky Charm

Versatile KeychainYou can design key fobs in our online configurator to serve very different purposes. That is because in addition to a simple key fob with name for keeping a bunch of keys together and the previously presented learning chains, there are more extraordinary possibilities to discover. For instance, you can use a key ring plus bead strands as a bag charm. Such a dangling charm can beautifully decorate a school bag, a handbag, a diaper bag or a suitcase.

Or maybe a zip’s handle part has broken off? Then you can replace it with a pretty zipper charm. Such a zip charm made of wooden beads can of course also be used as a decorative element on an intact zip. Finally, we would like to introduce you to a key ring in the shape of a lucky charm. Lucky or protective motif beads such as a four-leaf clover or the eye of Nazar make the dangling element a lucky charm. You can also add good wishes in the form of words like "strength" or "luck" by adding letter cubes.

Why Should I Buy a Personalised Key Fob?

Such a handmade, unique key fob can be a loving gift to our loved ones and acquaintances. Use a first name or pretty motif beads for example to personalise a classic key ring. You can also design a bag charm to match a certain bag or backpack. Or you can give a bag as a gift and decorate it with a matching dangling bag charm.

The same applies to the zipper charm. You can either use the zip charm as a pretty extra for your friend's jacket. Or you can give a new jacket as a gift and decorate it with the charm made of wooden beads. The lucky charm, on the other hand, is a classic among little gifts. Whether it is to bring good luck to the student in maths tests or to give mum and dad good thoughts to take with them on their way in everyday life – whoever receives that charm as a gift from you knows that you wish them well.

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