Soother Chain With Name Is Lost: What To Do?

dummy chain is lost


Oh no, it’s happened! You have lost your dummy chain. Missing it can make you feel sad. After all, the soother holder is an important baby accessory whose emotional value can be high. We tell you what you can do if you have lost your dummy chain.

Personalised Dummy Chains With Names

Why Is It So Painful To Have Lost a Certain Dummy Chain?

The dummy chain is an important everyday companion for parents. After all, as a dummy holder the beautiful dummy chain keeps the baby’s beloved dummy within easy reach. But the soother holder can be so much more than a practical baby accessory. It is part of childhood. We associate special memories with the colourful bead chain plus clip. This already starts when we receive the dummy chain. Perhaps the soother chain was a birth gift from a loved one. Or you had the dummy chain made especially for your child as a personalised baby gift. Since then, the useful wooden bead chain together with the dummy and clip have calmed as well as engaged the child. This has relieved you as parents in the already stressful everyday life with baby.

That’s why it’s all the sadder when the dummy chain is lost. At that moment, we miss exactly that particular soother holder that we all valued so much as a reliable companion. We look back nostalgically on the time with the dummy chain. Perhaps we wish it back so much because grandma once gave us the now lost soother chain – and now grandma is unfortunately no longer with us. So it would be wonderful if we could keep that specific dummy chain as a precious memento for a long time. In the next section, we will tell you what you can do to to back the long-lost soother chain.

I Have Lost My Dummy Chain – What Should I Do?

Dummy chain missing!” You have tried everything: You looked for the soother holder on the way home from nursery school, asked around in your circle of friends and acquaintances, published a search ad on the Internet … But nothing helped. You just can’t find that exact dummy chain. And you can’t buy it anywhere either. Maybe the soother holder was a special design that is not available in exactly the same design twice.

How To Get Your Lost Soother Holder Back

But there is a solution! Even in case of an individual custom-made design, the online configurator for personalised dummy chains will help you. Our large assortment of high-quality dummy clips and wooden beads made of robust maple wood gives you the opportunity to recreate the design of your missing dummy chain bead by bead. Browse curiously through our clips, motif beads and other beads to hopefully find exactly the elements you need. If you can’t find a particular element of the lost soother chain, please feel free to contact us. Maybe we can help you.

Do you perhaps only have a rough memory of what the lost dummy chain looked like? Then take a look at our design ideas for personalised soother chains for girls as well as for customisable dummy holders for boys. You will also find original design ideas such as football dummy chains with names. Thanks to our multilingual range, you can also design a Turkish soother chain or a French soother chain, for example.

After your order and payment, our Berlin team will get to work for you: we will make the eagerly missed new version of your lost soother chain for you by hand. With care and know-how, the dummy holder twin is created bead by bead. We hope that you will unpack your new, handmade soother chain with joyful anticipation – and that you will be able to collect many beautiful, new memories with it!

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