Personalised Dummy Chains Made From Untreated Wood

personalised dummy chains made from raw, untreated wooden beads


Dummy chains made of untreated wood are extremely popular. There are many good reasons for that – because soother holders made of raw wooden beads are not only visually appealing. Maple wood as raw material has more advantages in store for you, which we are going to reveal to you in this article.

Personalised Soother Holders Made From Non-treated Wooden Beads

Advantages of Soother Chains Made From Untreated Wood

What makes soother chains made of untreated wood so special? In order to understand that, we should first get to know the reasons why wood is a good choice as a craft material for dummy chains:

  • Wood is a renewable raw material. This makes it more ecological than plastic, for example.
  • Wood is also antibacterial. That’s a real benefit in terms of making baby accessories.
  • Maple wood is particularly robust. That’s why the wooden beads in our dummy chain configurator are made of this special type of wood.

The dummy clip configurator offers you numerous, colourfully lacquered wooden beads made of maple wood. The colours and varnishes used are of course suitable for children. Our beads in the colour “natural” are only coated with a layer of clear varnish. You can still see the wood grain through the transparent varnish layer. However, the beads appear slightly darker due to that treatment. Raw, untreated wooden beads made of maple wood, on the other hand, still have that type of wood’s characteristic light colour. That is because raw wooden beads are merely sanded – and thus more natural than lacquered beads.

Natural, non-treated wooden beads therefore have an unmistakable charm. Raw maple wood beads symbolise closeness to nature and harmony. They have an understated elegance. That is why personalised dummy chains made of raw maple wood beads are simply timelessly beautiful. These soother holders are therefore more sustainable than those that are subject to fast-moving fashion trends.

Beautiful Dummy Holders Made From Raw Wooden Beads From the Online Configurator

The dummy clip configurator’s untreated wooden beads come from German production and are of high quality. We offer a variety of raw wooden bead shapes that give you a nice design scope for varied soother chain designs:

  • You can combine different round bead sizes, for example 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm beads.
  • Raw grooved beads also add variety to the design.
  • How about adding the baby’s first name with pure, laser-cut letter cubes?
  • Raw motif beads in the shape of stars, hearts or flower-shaped additionally decorate your soother chains.
  • The dummy chain clip can also be selected in natural, untreated form: with a diameter of 35 mm or 30 mm.

As you can see: Even plain, untreated wooden beads give you the opportunity to create unique soother chains. We hope you enjoy designing your personalised dummy chains from raw wooden beads! Of course, you can also design other wooden bead accessories with raw wooden beads – for example, personalised key fobs or individual baby mobiles. Just try it out!

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